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How would you feel if I told you that a significant portion of the UK's business professionals don't believe they are equipped well enough to do their jobs? How would you react to those same professionals claiming they are not receiving enough support and training from their employers? Unfortunately, both assertions are true. New research just released by ILM reveals that things in the professional world are not as they should be.

Part of my work as an HR adviser is to gauge how well companies are doing training and equipping the HR staff. When I see real needs being left unmet, I help companies implement HR development and training to meet the needs of disaffected employees. It would appear that what I do for HR departments is necessary across the entire business spectrum.

According to HR Director, the ILM study revealed that some 62% of business professionals do not believe they are properly equipped to do their jobs. Approximately 69% admitted to feeling unprepared for an evolving workplace, saying they need additional skills and training to keep up with coming changes.

New Tasks Require New Skills

At the heart of the lack of confidence among business professionals are the many new tasks coinciding with the implementation of new technologies. For example, 17% of the survey respondents cited IT and digital literacy as being among the skills they need to do their jobs. Another 15% cited project management. Most importantly, 59% said they need more opportunities to learn on the job.

An influx of new skills requirements is not limited to just one or two business sectors. New skills are in demand in HR departments as well as IT and marketing departments. The fact is that the modern work environment is constantly changing, growing, and charting new courses. It is no longer enough to remain static for the entire length of one's career.

Being that I specialise in the area of HR development and training, I can see first-hand how HR departments are faring as compared with the rest of business. I can confirm that HR departments are being inundated with new tasks and different ways of doing things that require entirely new skill sets. HR staff will only succeed to the extent they are trained in those new skills.

Don't Fall Behind the Competition

Though not directly mentioned in the HR Director article, one implication of the ILM research should be clear: companies not providing the training employees need to address a changing business environment are going to fall behind rather quickly. That is something your company wants to avoid.

If you can benefit from my experience as an HR adviser and training consultant, I'm ready and willing to speak with you. Remember that there are probably at least a few members of your HR department who feel completely inadequate to do their jobs. All it would take to increase their confidence and get them moving forward is a bit of training.


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Author: Peter Smith