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We are looking for experienced Business Advisors and Consultants nationally

Thames Valley Business Advisors and our regional groups work with ambitious business owners and directors to help them achieve growth, sustainable profitability and to add value to their business. We are a progressive organisation with highly skilled and experienced members.

Many business professionals get to the stage in their business career where they seek new challenges, or a portfolio career of different, exciting roles. We are always looking for the best experienced and knowledgeable executives, senior managers, interim managers, non-executive directors, consultants, trainers, or facilitators with key skills to join UK Business Advisors. Does this sound like you?

The Opportunity

You will have had a number of years of experience in your own field but are now looking for a new challenge or to build your existing business. Now you can use your expertise to help other businesses develop and grow. As a member of UK Business Advisors you would work with MDs and owners of (mainly) SMEs to help them to achieve their goals. Your own experience, your regional group’s on-going support and the power of a national organistion will be the cornerstones on which you can build your own business. You will have the opportunity of working closely with other business advisers within the regional and national organisation to enhance your own skills and to deliver comprehensive support to your clients.

All our members trade via their own businesses. If you are looking for employment this opportunity is not for you!

In addition you will:

  • Be able to control your life
        - Better work/life balance
        - Work how, where and when you want
  • Earn high level professional fees
  • Develop your own income streams with low overheads
  • Obtain referrals from other team members
  • Use other team members to provide their skills to your client maximising ongoing fees
  • Have ongoing support from other members

Helping small business owners achieve their objectives is immensely satisfying. As a business advisor you will be working with ambitious directors who want to grow their companies and develop sustainable profitable growth. This is both intellectually and financially rewarding.

Who are we?

Thames Valley Business Advisors (TVBA) is the leading regional organisation of Independent Business Advisers, and just one of thre regional groups within UK Business Advisors. Our advisors work cooperatively to help small and medium sized companies achieve their business and personal goals. We are successful business professionals with a track record in helping companies thrive.

Thames Valley Business Advisors is a locally led organisation and its members belong to the regional group for their area while also having access to the skills and knowledge in our national organisation. Every region works in a way that is optimised to that region’s business needs. We are the only national group that operates in this way and we passionately believe that by working like this we are delivering services that meet the specific needs of our own business communities. Our regional groups typically meet monthly by Zoom or in person.

UK Business Advisors Mission and Vision

Our Mission

UK Business Advisors facilitate SME success by solving client problems. We do this by applying our extensive experience together with robust and innovative solutions both as individuals and as a highly collaborative group.

Our Vision

To be the premier UK business advisors of choice leveraging a national network of locally-based business experts who together provide clients with pragmatic and actionable advice and recommendations. Those recommendations and advice, when fully implemented, create considerable added value to their businesses.

Take Action Now!

If you feel this could be the right opportunity you are looking for, then contact Peter Smith Chairman of TVBA for an initial discussion. Use the Contact link at the top of this page, ensuring you include all contact points.


"David led our growth in the UK building a successful business. When we faced local challenges business would have been much more difficult if we had not had David and his senior people who understand the market, culture, and legal framework in the UK, on the ground and on our side".

Andreas S., CEO - Specialised IT Services, Berlin


"TVBA helped us develop a better understanding of what we needed to do with Digital to support our customer journey"

David T., Financial Controller - Financial Services, London

Top 30 Reasons Why Clients Use TVBA

 From experience, the following are the top thirty reasons why you might consider calling us:

Big Picture

1.   You need a momentary 'sense-check', an outside pair of eyes?

2.   You want a ‘thinking partner’ for your business?

3.   You want to expand your board, or you need to make an important change?

4.   You need to develop more leaders and initiative within your business?

Financial & Planning

5.   You need a business plan for growth that is realistic and flexible?

6.   You need more working capital, and to improve cash-flow?

7.   You want to finance a new project or venture?

8.   You have financial or physical assets in the business that you could make better use of?


9.   You need to hire, develop, retain key employees?

10.  You have great employees, but would like to see more energy in the team?

11.  You want to avoid employee issues and you need specialist help?

12.  You need to resolve a conflict in the team as its hurting the business?

Sales & Marketing

13.  You are not getting enough quality leads to feed your sales activity?

14.  You are getting leads, but sales is not closing enough good quality business?

15.  You need to do more with existing clients, be less dependent on new sales?

16.  Clients buy but you feel you might be missing bigger opportunities?


17.  You have a disruptive product that may be too early in the market?

18.  Your product is just right, but growth is too rapid, tough to keep up

19.  Perhaps the market is changing… you have new competitors?

20.  You missed the market, you want to get back in the game?

Assets & Resources

21.  Your business has changed and you are rethinking your facilities?

22.  You want better, more cost-effective use of IT in your business?

23.  You are not happy with what you are getting out of your CRM?

24.  You want to protect your designs & inventions and need a valuation?

Confidential Projects

25.  You want to outsource part of your business and need outside help?

26.  You’d like to buy another business and wonder where best to start?

27.  You want a plan to sell your business at a sensible value?

28.  You need a senior person to manage a key project or business change?


29.  You need to sell, deliver, support, partner, or set up overseas?

30.  You are an overseas company and need senior level support inside the UK?

Did you recognize your challenge?

Where is your business going?

What do you need?

Drop us a line today to let us know what is keeping you working late.