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If you were to successfully acquire a business you could accelerate your growth achieving in months what would take years of organic growth. But you have not done this before and you have heard that some acquisitions fail. If you do the wrong deal or don't do the right deal, you miss the opportunity to supercharge your growth. You need to identify the right targets and do the right deal for your business.We will work with your leadership team to develop your strategy, research and approach and negotiate with targets to do the right deal for your business.

What our customers think

MCS global wished to purchase our product distributor in Australia.  The purchase was made in conjunction with  a senior manager in the distributor as a co-shareholder "Tim coached me through the entire process from establishing a price, negotiation with the seller and negotiating with the new manager as a shareholder. He helped me recognise the emotions in play and empathise with both the vendors and the new manager. He showed himself to be an excellent communicator, providing real clarity and business insight."

Acquiring a business - MCS - Purchase in Australia

5 Vital Services Corporate Business Brokers Provide

Corporate business brokers are vital to selling businesses all across the UK. For the record, a corporate business broker is not necessarily an M&A consultant per se, but the two disciplines are often intertwined. As such, I provide a full range of services covering everything from simple purchase transactions to complex mergers and acquisitions.

Just Group Deal Exemplifies Benefits of Mergers

Just Group, the specialist pensions company formed in 2016 by the merger between Just Retirement and Partnership Assurance, is reporting a 40% increase in profits during the first half of 2017. As an M&A consultant, the news provides me with ample evidence that the merger was good for both companies. Now I look forward to seeing what Just Group accomplishes for the second half of the year – and then on into 2018.

Rapha Deal Represents One Way to Raise Cash

When Rapha first announced plans to sell a good portion of its company to a new round of private investors, the race was on to see who could clinch the deal. It now appears that a private equity firm led by two grandsons of Walmart founder Sam Walton is the winner. Stewart and Tom Walton's RZC Investments will pay some £200 million for the cycling brand.

There's No Need to Panic Over Unsolicited Offers

The owner of a London telecom infrastructure provider has spent the last 25 years building a solid business he can eventually pass on to his children. Without any warning, he receives an unsolicited offer to buy from a larger competitor. What should he do? The first thing is to not panic. Unsolicited offers can be addressed calmly, rationally, and with enough forward thinking to protect the business owner's interests.

As M and A Slumber, Activists Keep Right on Rolling

It's no secret that mergers and acquisitions in Britain have been on a holiday for several years now. As an M&A consultant, I can tell you that it is been a long time since I've seen the level of activity (or lack thereof) we've witnessed since 2012. Mergers and acquisitions are just not what they could or should be right now. Unfortunately, activist investors keep rolling along while the M&A market seems to be sleeping.

2 Sectors That Could Soon See Increased M and A Activity

The details behind buying and selling a business indicate, to some degree, the strength of both buyers and sellers as well as the sector they are involved in. In light of that, recently released data shows that mergers and acquisitions (M&A) could soon be increasing in two unlikely sectors: asset management and building products and services.

5 Things to Look for in an M and A Consultant

A good M&A consultant can mean the difference between a successful, stress-free transaction and one that blows up in your face. To say a company's choice of M&A consulting services is critical is to reinforce the importance of getting that critical advice and guidance – whether a company is buying or selling.

The Theory and Practice of Business Valuation

In any given field, there is a clear distinction between theory and practice. Every university graduate knows this. What was learned in the classroom provides a nice theoretical foundation, but real life practice can be vastly different from the classroom. The same is true in business valuation.

European Uncertainty Not Affecting Mergers and Acquisitions

A new report from Deloitte may come as somewhat of a surprise to M&A consultants with an eye on the UK market. The report suggests that not only are mergers and acquisitions not suffering under the weight of Brexit uncertainty, but they are actually increasing in value. Buyers look willing to take aggressive action throughout Europe with the expectation that the politics will take care of themselves.

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